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Welcome to the official website of the Polish Society for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Our Society was founded in 2006 after many years of work on an idea elaborated by Polish psychotherapists connected to the Kraków Psychodynamic Centre, and especially Maciej Wacholc and Janusz Kitrasiewicz.

The Society has become an important platform for common action and the exchange of ideas and experiences among professional psychotherapists working in the psychodynamic paradigm, presenting a coherent, well-thought psychotherapeutic method and its conceptualisation.

We are now a sizeable group of more than 1,700 psychotherapists and supervisors. Our work model evolved at the Neurosis Department of the Kraków Psychiatric Clinic, forged over many years of dialogue between two distinguished psychiatrists and psychotherapists, Prof. Boguchwał Winid and Dr Piotr Drozdowski, who applied psychoanalysis to the treatment of patients in a clinical environment, mainly in psychiatric hospitals.

The Kraków Psychodynamic Centre, whose members actively championed for the foundation of our Society, continues the philosophy and practice of psychodynamic psychotherapy, and supports the activity of the Polish Society for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy at various levels.

The first two terms of the Executive Board of the Society were presided over by Janusz Kitrasiewicz, who built the structures for the circle of psychodynamic psychotherapists united in the PSPP, thanks to which our Society can now grant certificates to psychodynamic psychotherapists and supervisors, develop research, organise conferences and seminars, conduct publishing activity, and cooperate with many international centres.

Maciej Wilk, President of the Executive Board of the Polish Society for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy


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